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Choosing comfortable shoes has a trick
- Nov 27, 2018 -

1. Shoe design is based on the data of various parts of the foot, from the point of view of footwear design, belongs to the first place. The quality of the "design" directly affects the beauty and comfort of the shoes. The metatarsal toe joint is one of the main parts that bear the weight and labor of the human body, and it is also the key part of bending when walking, whether the size of the last metatarsal circumference and the physical arrangement are reasonable, will affect the wearing comfort and the service life of the shoe. The metatarsal circumference is large, the foot in the shoe produces the movement, also is unfavorable.

2. The upper design is based on the foot pattern, the physiological structure of the lower extremities and motor functions, materials and processes as a link to the design into a physical part, through the design of the sample so that the design can be smoothly transitioned to the product process processing stage, in order to produce products in line with the design. 

3. Bottom part design includes sole, heel, main heel, inner Baotou, insoles and other design for comfort also has an impact, the upper excellent material to be used with materials, insoles, internal Baotou, adhesives and other material to use, in order to play its superior performance. Ricco, shoe material in contact with the foot recently, accept the foot to bring steam, sweat, if Ricco itself does not have breathable, hygroscopic function, the sanitary properties of the fabric will not play out. Good quality shoes with internal bottom materials should be hygroscopic, breathable, with good dimensional stability, anti-flexural and so on, in order to meet the requirements of use, will also give the foot a comfortable bottom environment.