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Considerations for the design of electric insulated shoes
- Nov 27, 2018 -

1, earthquake mitigation characteristics Routine shocks at work create special stress, which is generally 5 times times your weight. Therefore, good cushioning performance is a must. The midsole will help disperse this impact. The good midsole is made of molded Eva or polyurethane. Various manufacturers have introduced a number of technologies to further increase the cushioning performance of the midsole. If you are a person with insufficient downward tilt, or do strenuous exercise, you may need better cushioning performance than those who tilt down too much.

2. Replaceable electric insulated shoe insoles Insoles also have a certain degree of cushioning performance, at the same time the most vulnerable to breakage. When the life of the shoe is half the time to change the insoles, there is a basic replacement principle: After 150 hours of aerobic exercise, the insoles will lose elasticity, when the insoles should be replaced. (Can be based on different people, different training depends on.)

3. Fit Your feet are under pressure and are going to grow at work. The heat generated by intense exercise will increase the foot by half the size. At the same time, shoes should not be too crowded feet, the top of the shoe and your longest toe there should be a wide gap in the thumb, to ensure that your toes can move freely, followed by the area should be properly affixed. In addition, the length of the foot should be measured frequently, as both age growth and damage have the potential to change the size of the foot.