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Do you really understand the dangers of wearing high heels?
- Feb 14, 2019 -

Women have to learn to give their feet a holiday. 

High-heeled shoes are favored by many Amy ladies for their unique design and beautiful appearance. In addition to its ability to increase height, the more important factor is to increase the temptation. Because the heels of high heels are particularly high, the heels that wear them are obviously higher than the toes, so walking in high heels is smaller, because the center of gravity moves back, the legs are straight, causing the hips to tighten and the chest to be quite straight. To make women's standing and walking postures full of charm and charm.


Although high-heeled shoes can highlight the beautiful curves of women and enhance their personal temperament, they are not suitable for long-wearing. Wearing high-heeled shoes for a long time is not good for health. What kind of damage does the high heel cause to the body? Below, let's take a look at the economic daily newspaper - China Economic Net Fashion Channel~

1.Injure the foot

When wearing high heels, the toes are forced to squeeze against the front of the shoe, causing the toes to be in an unnatural shape, causing the joints in the middle of the toes to deform due to the often curved toes. If the toe is too sharp and squeezes the thumb, it will cause the thumb to fall out. The eversion thumb is always pressed by the shoes, and there is a spike-like tenderness when inflamed.

In addition, when putting on high heels, the feet will slide forward and squeeze into the narrow shoes, which will create a new pressure point on the feet, causing friction, and for a long time, the sole will grow thick crust. Finally, it may grow into corns or thick sputum.

2. Injury of the ankle and knee joint

When people walk in high heels, the knee and ankle joints will be unevenly stressed, which can easily cause sprains, especially when going downhill. Moreover, the pressure on the knee joint becomes larger, which can also cause the occurrence of degenerative bone and joint bone disease.

3. Damage to the lumbar spine

After putting on high heels, the heel is raised, and the body can only be tilted backwards to ensure the balance of the body. Although this achieves the effect of chest, hip and abdomen in women's ideals, it causes the weight of the person to move to the waist, and the lumbar vertebrae are forced to extend and make them nervous. The longer you wear, the greater the damage to the back muscles and lumbar spine, which can easily lead to lumbar muscle strain.

4. Injury cervical vertebra

High-heeled shoes make people's center of gravity move forward too much, which will cause the pelvis to lean forward and the curvature of the spine to increase, so that the cervical vertebrae will be concentrated and easily cause damage. The accumulation of such damage will eventually lead to cervical spondylosis.

5. Varicose veins

The medical explanation of varicose veins is a disease caused by blood deposition in the veins due to thinning of the venous blood vessel wall. If you wear high heels for a long time, the blood of the calf will not flow smoothly, and most of the blood will accumulate in the calves, which will easily lead to varicose veins.