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field activities selection of protective shoes with good rebound function
- Nov 27, 2018 -

First of all, the hiking shoes worn during field activities should not be too "fit" and should be at least one larger than the usual shoes worn. This is because a long walk can make your feet swell, and if your shoes feel right when you put them on, you'll feel a little squeezed after a while on foot. General mountaineering work shoes are a more sensible choice. 

And if it is winter travel, it is critical to keep cold and warm, in this regard, leather work shoes, whether cold or waterproof function is better than nylon wood sports shoes, so should be the first choice for winter outdoor activities. Mountain travel because the terrain is more complex, especially the gravel slope road, so mountain travel should choose hard bottom leather gaobang mountaineering shoes. This type of shoe has good anti-skid performance because of its large tire pattern at the bottom. A sole made of hard rubber that effectively prevents damage to the foot on a gravel or uneven road surface, and has excellent quality cowhide or hard nylon canvas shoes, which is waterproof and warm.Now some foreign high-grade mountaineering shoe upper made of Gore-Tex fabric, its waterproof and breathable performance of other materials can not be compared.

In addition, it is best not to compete in the field, in case the feet and shoes do not allow the first close contact.