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How does sneakers stink
- Nov 27, 2018 -

1. White vinegar immersion method. Because white vinegar is sterilized, and shoe odor is usually due to a fungal infection.Use this method in the cleaning of sneakers when adding white vinegar and rinse clean drying, if it is the mesh or cotton, you can properly bask in the sun, if other materials of shoes, as far as possible to the place of good ventilation can play a good deodorization effect.

2. Charcoal adsorption method.Charcoal adsorption is very strong, put charcoal into the shoes, not only can absorb the moisture in the shoes, but also absorb the smell inside the shoes, if the home is really no charcoal, can also go to buy some activated carbon, activated carbon deodorization ability is more enhanced.

3. Lemon slices refreshing method.Lemon slices are placed inside the shoe, or the orange peel is placed in the shoe, usually after one night, the shoe odor can basically be removed, and there will be some fragrance.

4. Alcohol deodorization method. Use alcohol to remove the stench of shoes. Using ordinary medicinal alcohol, pour out some and then dilute the water, then you can spray the insole and the inside of the shoe with a gadget with a vent, or you can soak it with paper and sprinkle it in it.