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How to maintain vulcanized shoes?
- Jan 06, 2019 -

First, clean the shoes regularly, after the upper is dirty, use a soft rag to rub the water or detergent, do not use a brush to brush.

Second, leather sports shoes should be oiled to ensure leather toughness.

3. Do not use bleach when cleaning.

Fourth, avoid water seepage, exposure and fire roasting; avoid direct sunlight after washing, so as not to cause aging, deformation, fading and mesh breakage.

5. Avoid contact with sharp objects and chemicals.

Sixth, maintain more than two pairs of replaceable shoes, let the shoes take turns to rest.

Seven, we must pay attention to special shoes, casual shoes, sandals should not be strenuous exercise, indoor sports shoes should not be vigorous outdoor exercise.

8. When using, the outsole should avoid contact with oil or other corrosive chemicals. If it is contaminated, rinse it immediately with water.

Nine, the shoelace/magic belt can not be tied too tightly, it is appropriate to move the foot, otherwise it will affect the comfort.

10. When not wearing, take out the insole and place the shoes in a dry and ventilated place to facilitate the shoes to dissipate the heat and restore the original condition.

XI. Try to avoid squeezing and keep the shoes in the original state without deformation.

12. When not in use for a long time, it should be washed and dried, wrapped in paper and stored in a dry place.

Thirteen, avoid high temperature baking, in case of flooding, you can stuff paper towels in the shoes, absorb moisture and moisture, and place them in a ventilated place to dry.