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How to weave shoes?
- Jan 19, 2019 -

Weave diagram of wool shoes

First, weaving slippers face

(Use two colors of yarn, red, yellow)

1 The red yarn starts from 6 stitches and weaves the first line. When we turn back the second line, the first stitch is not woven. The last stitch is preceded by a needle, and the last stitch is woven. Then we turn back the third line. The first stitch is not Weaving, at this time, it is already 7 stitches.

2 At the beginning of the fourth line, use a yellow wool thread to slightly tighten the red line, pull it to the back, and use the yellow line to cross the red line to start weaving. The first needle is directly removed, not woven; the second needle begins to weave the yellow thread, when weaving to the penultimate needle, add a needle, and then weave the last needle; then we turn back the fifth line, the first needle is not woven, this A total of 8 stitches.

3 At the beginning of the sixth line, first pull the yellow line to the back, and press the red line (over) to start weaving the sixth line. The method is the same as above.

4 Repeatedly, weaving to about 54 stitches (you can use the sole to measure the edge of the needle, slightly tighten the amount, half the sole - the center line is separated, only the edge of the half.), start the front toe of the shuttle shoe section. Take the yellow line as an example. The first line of the yellow line was woven past, and the next method was woven according to the original method. The last 4 stitches were not woven, and the red thread was woven in the past. At this time, the red thread was woven in the past without adding a needle (so the front is flat, not the tip. .), and then weaving back to the remaining 4 needles from the yellow line, we will change the yellow thread weaving, so that after 8 small pieces (each 5 needles, a total of 40 needles), the remaining 10 needles will not Plus or minus weaving, also remember to change the line, weave three back and forth (ie yellow-red-yellow, the middle is facing red).

5 After weaving the middle part, the red line starts to shuttle back. That is: when weaving the red thread, weave the last ten stitches first, then weave the remaining five stitches (red) together. After weaving the five stitches, we immediately change to a yellow thread and weave it back. We will then weave the remaining 5 Needle (yellow), repeat this until all 40 stitches of the front shuttle are finished.

6 After we have finished the remaining 40 stitches in the middle, we will pay attention to the beginning of the first line of weaving, that is: the original place where the needle is added, now the last two stitches become a needle, be careful not to pull too tight, the edge is too It is easy to make the upper of the shoe smaller and the left and right asymmetrical. There is no change in the method of turning back. In this way, all the remaining needles are received and only the remaining 6 stitches are received. The face of the shoe is like a winged bat.

Second, weaving slippers

You can use old lines or pure wool to weave the quilt. Generally, we use 3 strands of coarse wool to weave. The weave is the same as the face, but the number of stitches is different. Start the 2 needles, the time should be compared with the face to the width, about 20 needles on the front of the shuttle, each time the remaining 3 needles, the last 5 needles will go back to the shuttle, no need to repeatedly weave the 5 needles. If you don't like thick linings, you can adjust them properly.

Third, the shoes

1 First the top. Face the front side of the face to the bottom of the sole, find the middle position on the top of the sole, and align the front of the face with the front of the sole (do not confront it). First fix the front part with two wires to avoid pulling straight when you pull it up. Hey, and then use a solid line to start from the back along the edge.

2 Go to the quilt again, the method is the same as above.

3 Then, use an old sweater to cut a pair of insoles (you can also use a wire woven insole) and sew it on the sole.

4 Finally, turn the lining over and turn the face over. A pair of wool slippers will be finished.