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Main categories of sneakers
- Nov 27, 2018 -

A, basketball shoes-the upper is relatively high, mainly used to protect the ankle joint, the requirements of the bounce is more engaged. 

B, football shoes-competition with football shoes on the upper is basically leather texture, soles in recent years a number of engineering plastics production, soles have shoe nails, divided into fixed integrated molded shoe nails and replaceable aluminum shoe nails, mainly in order to improve the grip in the turf court, and shoe body on the foot of the package is more close, Conducive to the foot of the different movements of football play.

C, Volleyball shoes-The upper is basically in the lower part of the ankle, the main emphasis on bounce and feet.

D, badminton shoes-mainly emphasize the bounce force and the basic protection of the foot, and the left and right sides of the foot are protected, this from the old-fashioned canvas badminton shoes to see the more obvious, rubber wrapped around the upper side of about One-third.

E, table tennis shoes-the biggest difference with badminton shoes on the old canvas shoes is more obvious, the rubber only wrapped in the inside of the shoe of the big toe to the root of the big toe this section.

F, tennis shoes-the biggest difference with badminton shoes is that the soles of tennis shoes are wider, and on both sides of the front of the soles of the feet are particularly widened, in order to support the left and right back and forth fast movement, the soles are thicker than badminton shoes. G, outdoor sneakers-commonly known as travel shoes