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Old high temperature safety shoes are a good foot mold
- Nov 27, 2018 -

In the eyes of the ankle doctor, the "shape" high-temperature safety shoes are a good "foot mold", in the purchase of new shoes by observing their changes can be very convenient to find their own shoes.

Don't believe it, come with me and see how to use your old shoes to buy new safety shoes.

Everyone's feet are not exactly the same, in addition to the size and fat, soles on the foot support is very important, so look at the shoes you wear, if the outside of the heel and the inside of the soles of the feet are very worn, it may be that the arch is too low or flat feet, such a foot shape to choose soles more hard safety shoes, in order If the arch is too high, through the old shoe soles on the outside of the wear will be more severe, such people in the purchase of shoes or shoes to pay attention to the choice of buffer damping better high-temperature safety shoes, or soles of thicker, elastic shoes, such as gluten shoes and shoes with foot air cushion.

Zhang Jianzhong, chief physician of ankle Clinic in Beijing Tongren Hospital, said that shoes with cushioning function can face the reaction force of both feet in a balanced way, walking to feel no effort, especially mountain climbing, long-distance travel, the arch of the foot to wear soft and elastic shoes.