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Sneakers have their own maintenance methods.
- Nov 27, 2018 -

First, when the shoes wear dirty, can be dipped in water to gently brush the detergent, and then rinse with water, placed ventilated cool out of air drying, to avoid direct sunlight and exposure. Do not use heating or open fire drying, so as not to cause aging, open glue, fading and serious deformation. and excessive direct sunlight, and the hot air of the hairdryer and other improper care methods will reduce the service life of shoes, washing can not be soaked for a long time, the general soaking time must not exceed 20 minutes. Genuine leather shoes should not be soaked with water; 

Second, if stored for a long time, should first wash the shoes clean, dry after placing a cool and ventilated place to store, so that the shoes have sufficient time to blow dry, so as not to occur mildew. Real leather shoes It is best to use the shoe in the paper group or shoe bracket to prop up, so as not to seriously deform. The shoe head toward the bottom soles toward the wall, at room temperature at the ventilated place to dry, so as to prevent water immersion in the bottom foaming material; (because foaming material is not easy to dry, so it is recommended not to put wet shoes flat.) 

Third, in the process of wearing or brushing do not use a strong brush or force too hard, not to use nails or sharp tools to pick the corners of these printed patterns. After wearing a period of time, some of the surface of the pattern may appear some small cracking (especially often tortuous parts), which is normal phenomenon;