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The future potential of labor protection shoes should not be underestimated
- Nov 27, 2018 -

With the development of China's economy, the country's efforts to strengthen the supervision and management of production safety, the importance of occupational health, People's safety self-awareness, safety shoes personal protective equipment industry market will have a larger market, better prospects. In recent years, China's economic development has developed at a rate of about 10% a year. In the 2011, petrochemical, mining, construction, electricity, energy is 12.5% high speed development. The state has increased its investment in the safe production of related fields, according to the relevant information shows that the government is currently used every year for the protection of individual anti-ink Chinese network equipment, labor protection shoes safety facilities and safety testing equipment investment of up to more than 360 billion yuan, of which the coal industry to safe production investments of 50 billion yuan. This provides unlimited vitality for the production safety needs of various industries.In China, only on labor protection supplies have 60 billion yuan of market prospects, which directly protect the safety and health of workers special protective supplies for the 25 billion yuan market. There may be a lot of demand for high-tech cutting-edge personal protective equipment and safety facilities in the Chinese market, and the growth rate of safe shoes is expected to develop greatly.