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Vulcanized shoe Production Instructions
- Jan 06, 2019 -

Production Process

The vulcanized sole is vulcanized rubber. The rubber product which has been vulcanized is not easy to aging and crack, has good elasticity and heat resistance. The rubber products are basically such rubber, also called cooked rubber, collectively called rubber or rubber.

Vulcanized shoes are sports and leisure shoes made of vulcanized method by connecting the sole and the upper with vulcanization method (in order to strengthen the elasticity and hardness, the rubber is treated with sulfur), and the vulcanized shoes are treated with sulfur in the sole to increase the rubber of the shoes. The elasticity and hardness are vulcanized, not just canvas shoes. The vulcanization treatment was first invented by PUMA in 1960.

Commonly used materials

Mainly: leather, canvas, PU (artificial leather), microfiber, denim, twill and so on.

In addition to professional basketball shoes, the others are made by vulcanization, so vulcanization is only a craft word.

No matter the color, style, men and women are suitable to wear, so called neutral shoes or neutral vulcanized shoes, there are also a few men's shoes, women's shoes, as long as the store to buy, the shoe box is marked with the price, item number, color, size, male Shoes, women's shoes, neutral, factory time, inspector number