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What is the meaning of flying woven sneakers this year?
- Jan 19, 2019 -

The flying woven integrated upper is a single-layer upper that is almost completely seamless by using 3D integrated molding technology, using various colors of yarn as raw materials, and using a new knitting process. The biggest feature of this upper is the lightness, fit and breathability. Once the weaving technology was launched, it was widely watched by the industry.

The flying woven one has a great breathability, lightness and fit. The 3D shoe upper is pre-programmed by computer, and then integrated into the overall shape, which greatly reduces the various processes of the upper, directly and the sole is molded, which can save 90% of the upper needle mechanic, so it changes not only one upper. It is the entire production method of sports shoes.

The running shoes with flying woven uppers have the characteristics of all the above running shoes types, which are lighter, more breathable and comfortable. They are more suitable for the feet after wearing, which makes the feet more comfortable and comfortable. This is why the light running shoes will develop in the direction of flying woven upper technology.