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About The Duration Of The Use Of Anti-smashing Safety Shoes
- Nov 27, 2018 -

Because of the special anti-smash reasons, anti-smashing safety shoes manufacturing technology and material selection is more fastidious. About the duration of use of anti-smash safety shoes:

1, in terms of national standards, in line with the national standards of safety shoes qualified products, the state to enforce the three packs of policies, broken bottom, cross-sectional, open glue after three months of sale replacement return. 

2, the actual operation, the use of safety shoes mainly look at the safety shoes used in the working environment, the user's use of the state, the environment is good use of low intensity to wear a year to three years can be. Harsh environment such as chemical plant, electroplating workshop, because the corrosion is extremely strong three months is also similar. So there is basically no hard rule for the replacement of safety shoes. Main considerations: Safety performance, comfort, quality.