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Choose Breathable And Comfortable Protective Shoes
- Nov 27, 2018 -

For a pair of protective shoes safety shoes, the soles are similar, most of them are PU bottom or rubber bottom, then to solve the breathability, it can only be considered from the upper material. And now the safety shoes, the upper is either two layers of cowhide, head-layer cowhide or artificial leather. In fact, safety shoes are not allowed to use artificial leather, but some safety shoe manufacturers in order to save costs or for shoes to look good, the use of artificial leather materials, such shoes are also easy to break off. And the breathability of the head cowhide is obviously better than the breathability of the two-layer cowhide. But the cost of head-layer cowhide is higher than the cost of two layers of skin. So enterprises in the procurement of safety shoes can be based on the enterprise budget to make decisions. If the budget is enough, it is better to use the safety shoes of the head layer skin to be breathable. Therefore, the choice of breathable safety shoes, enterprises should be based on their own budget, enterprise production environment to make decisions. For the benefit of employees, try to choose the first layer of skin safety shoes or punching safety shoes.