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Main Ingredients Of Labor Protection Shoes
- Nov 27, 2018 -

First, from the upper point of view, more formal is generally natural leather, both cowhide, sheepskin, Pigskin, in which cowhide is divided into head cowhide and head two layers of cowhide.

But there is also artificial leather on the market, because labor shoes must have high quality, in order to ensure the safety of operations, so genuine labor shoes are basically not artificial leather. 

Second, from the sole point of view, the soles of the material normally used more rubber, vulcanized rubber, ethylene materials, usually see more rubber bottom and Pu bottom, Eva Bottom, TPR bottom and so on. Because of the special properties of labor protection shoes, these materials have a certain anti-skid, high temperature resistance, insulation and other properties, and even some materials also have the role of static electricity. 

Third, from the inside of the shoe, in order to breathable, sweat, do not fade will choose Cowhide, sheepskin, so that the operation wearing even if the shoes are bulky, will feel comfortable. Winter Labor shoes inside in order to keep warm will also use cotton and animal fur. Artificial leather can also be used as a inner, but its quality is not good, poor breathability, in the labor shoe industry use less.