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Make Your High-temperature Safety Shoes A Fresh One
- Nov 27, 2018 -

1. High temperature resistant safety shoes are suitable for working on electrical equipment with AC 50Hz, 1000V or below DC 1500V, as auxiliary safety utensils and labor protective supplies. Staff use high-temperature safety shoes, can be combined with basic utensils to touch the live part, and can be used to protect the stride caused by the click. Stride refers to: when the electrical equipment grounding, in the ground maximum potential gradient direction 0.8M between two points of the potential difference. 

2. Pay attention not to damp, after moisture is strictly prohibited to use, once damp, put in the ventilated and breathable shade of natural air drying, so as to avoid damage to the deformation of leather shoes. After the soles are pierced by foreign bodies, can not do high-temperature safety shoes to use. 

3. Pay attention to the skin care of leather shoes, wash shoe polish. Wipe the way is: first with a clean soft cloth to wipe off the surface of the shoe, and then squeeze the shoe polish on the cloth evenly coated on the upper, wait a moment (shoe polish slightly dry) after wiping.

4. Leather shoes should not wear on rainy days, more unsuitable for washing, otherwise easy to occur disconnection, degumming, decolorization, pan-salt cream and other phenomena.

5. Leather shoes can not be in contact with oil, acidic, alkaline and sharp substances, etc., to prevent corrosion, deformation, damage.

6. Color leather shoes (including white) should be particularly careful in wearing, can not encounter sewage, dirt, tea stains, coke and so on, otherwise will leave stains, so that the original color of leather shoes damaged.

7. There are normal phenomena such as slight folds and slight deformation after wearing leather shoes. 8. Leather shoes after wet or foot sweat, easy to appear pan-salt frost phenomenon. If there is a pan-salt frost phenomenon, you can use gauze or cotton with a small amount of warm water, wipe the white salt cream on the upper, put the shoes in the ventilation of the cool dry, and then wipe with shoe polish, repeated several times can be restored to the original. Therefore, keep the leather shoes dry. 

9. When storing leather shoes, should keep leather shoes neat, dry, and good shoe polish, naturally flat: After a period of storage (especially the rainy season) to often make leather shoes ventilated cool and dry, and re-wipe shoe polish to prevent mildew.