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Protective Shoes Safety Shoes Upper Material Variety
- Nov 27, 2018 -

1, PU material pu (polyurethane) between the natural skin and PVC skin between the advantages and disadvantages, its production is easy, large quantity, with a certain degree of moisture absorption and breathability, PU's shortcomings are not easy to deform and not easy to shape, less expansion. At present, the soles of protective shoe safety shoes are generally made of PU materials.

2, a variety of PVC skin material PVC skin production is large, production products easy to control, low price; its disadvantages of poor moisture absorption performance, easy deformation, not resistant to high temperature and so on.

3, Natural skin material There are many kinds of natural skin, usually cowhide, pigskin, horse skin, sheepskin, shark skin and so on. Natural skin has a very good breathability, softness, moisture absorption and other advantages, but its biggest drawback is the high price of materials, not easy to buy. Generally used in the manufacture of high-grade leather goods.

4, nylon cloth material Nylon cloth is currently widely used in sports shoes, it has a high degree of softness, light weight, hygroscopic insulation and other characteristics.

5. Canvas Material Canvas material has good scalability and soft properties, and is generally used in the manufacture of sulfur-added sneakers. Thus, the upper material has some conductivity, basically has a soft, hygroscopic, wear-resistant, cold resistance, stretching, heat resistance and other common.