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Selection And Use Of Protective Shoes
- Nov 27, 2018 -

1, protective shoe boots In addition to the operating conditions to choose the appropriate type, but also should fit, wear to make people feel comfortable, it is important to carefully select the appropriate shoe number.

2, protective shoes to have anti-skid design, not only to protect people's feet from injury, but also to prevent operators from slipping caused by the accident. 

3, a variety of different performance of protective shoes, to achieve their own protective performance of the technical indicators, such as toes do not be smashed, the soles of the feet are not stabbed, insulation conductivity and other requirements. But safety shoes are not everything.

4, the use of protective shoes before careful inspection or testing, in electrical and acid and alkali operations, broken and cracked protective shoes are dangerous.

5, protective shoes should be properly kept after use, rubber shoes after use with water or disinfectant rinse and dry, in order to extend the service life.